Publishing fees

To allow to maintain a high publication standard and at the same time to make all articles Open Access, so that they can be read and disseminated in the scientific community making them usable by anyone in the world, Phenomena HUB and Marp Edizioni, as Gold Open Access publisher , offset all costs associated with the high quality publication service via Article Processing Charges (APC): articles accepted for publication by our editors following a rigorous double blind peer review incur a publication fee charged to the authors, institutions or lenders.

Types of articles
We offer a range of article types to optimally support our diverse scientific communities in publishing their research results.

• Type A Articles: Original Research, Short Research Report, Systematic Review, Review, Mini Review, Hypothesis and Study Methods, Clinical Study Protocol, Cynic Study, Clinical Case, Data Report, Policy Brief, Commentary, Opinion Article ;
• Type B articles: Editorial, Book review.

Expenses for the elaboration of articles per magazine
Please see the table below for information on Phenomena Journal APCs, which vary by article type. For specific item type descriptions, please refer to the item type page, a list of the different types is provided below the table.

APC Phenomena Journal
Articles of type A: 50 € P.P. (per page)

Articles of type B: FREE