Vol. 1 No. 2 (2019): July - December 2019
Original research

Violence: between mind and brain: Neuropsychology, Psychodiagnostics and Psychotherapy

Published 2019-10-11

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Lattanzi, M. (2019). Violence: between mind and brain: Neuropsychology, Psychodiagnostics and Psychotherapy. Phenomena Journal - International Journal of Psychopathology, Neuroscience and Psychotherapy, 1(2), 1–7. https://doi.org/10.32069/pj.2019.2.7


The present study, conducted on a total sample of 140 subjects, who committed or suffered violence, has the goal to examine the incidence of a traumatic event non elaborated can have on the personality, on the relationships and on generazional transmissions of the violence. To lead this study, the multidisciplinary team of the AIPC used the AIPC protocol which provide clinics conversations, instruments psychophysiological valuations "biofeedback" and a lot of specific  psicodiagnostic tests for the valuation of the personality and of the relationships with parents. This protocol integrated, which use a psychological training in addition to the others instruments, allowed to the recipients to reduce the relaps risk for the disfuctional relationships of 70%, by contributing to the contrast of the generational transmission of the violence. 

Keywords: Violence, Stalking, Mind, Brain, A.I.P.C., Offender